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Indoor plants ๐ŸŒฟ ืฆืžื—ื™ ื‘ื™ืช

Updated: May 4, 2020

You definitely need plants in your home! For the aesthetics of it but also and most important, for your well being. Not only that we all need a bit of nature in our life, but indoor plants also have amazing benefits:

They can boost your mood and your concentration. Help you being more creative and productive. They can also help you sleeping better and they reduce stress.

And if you don't trust me (even though I swear it's true! ;)) It's scientifically proven that plants clean the air, absorb toxins, and produce oxygen.

So go for it!

First, let's choose your plant!

Here are my top 3 indoor plants.

1. The Monstera Deliciosa (what a cool name!)

To me, it's by far the most exotic and graphic one.

1. Thrives in bright to medium indirect light. Not suited for intense, direct sun

2. Fertilize during growth

3. Water weekly (and a bit more during the hot period)

P.S: Unfortunately, this plant can be toxic for kids and animals.

2. Kentia Palm

How cool is this to have a palm in your living room?

1. It also needs bright to medium indirect light. No intense, direct sun!

2. Water weekly (in the winter reduce to a couple of weeks).

P.S: Itโ€™s better to miss a watering than overdo it.

3. It exists in different sizes, so it can fit a big space or a little one

3. The Calathea Ornata

Less famous but maybe my favorite. Look at those beautiful pink lines! There are several different kinds, and all are truly gorgeous.

1. No direct light

2. Well know as a "drama queen", this plant is quite sensitive and you'll need to take good care of it. If you water them with sink water, put the water in an empty glass and leave it overnight to dissipate the chlorine. Water it as soon as you notice the surface is starting to dry. During the cool and dark winter months you may water a little less. Be careful not to water it too much, it should never drown in water.

Now, choose your pot!

Once you chose your new friend, take out the plastic pot (and put this ugly thing in the right trash can:) and put your plant in your new pot. It can be a terra cotta or a ceramic one or actually anything you'd like as long as it has a hole at the bottom (and otherwise just make one!). Here some ideas on how to make a nice low-budget pot by yourself. You'll only need a black marker or a sellotape, paints and/or color sprays.

And for dessert, some tips!

  • Itโ€™s better to miss a watering than overdo it.

  • If you're not at home for a few days, leave a wet used tea bag under the ground at the bottom of your pot (you can also use a piece of a wet sponge). This will give your plant enough water for a few days

  • Clean your plant with beer! They'll love it and it will make them shine

  • Always put fertilizer. Organic fertilizers take longer to release in the soil, but theyย createย a healthier soil over time

  • Go out of the city! You'll find a wider range of plants (and much cheaper!)in the country side nurseries


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