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 Jennifer Gruber Interiors | Interior design | homestaging | homestyling | Israel

Looking to update your home? Lacking the inspiration to do it yourself? Looking for a fast transformation?

Whether you want to change your whole house or update one room, I have the options you need to get the results you desire.


Within just a few days, we will rethink and optimize your current space and will give it the style you’re looking for. Adding colors, textures, art pieces, re-purposing and re-styling elements you already own and mixing them with additional unique pieces.

Transform your space into a masterpiece!

   Choose your adventure!


From Zero to

You found the perfect place for you, and now it's time to make it yours! The colors of the walls, the lights, all the different materials... Get the help you need

Pink Wall
Pink Wall

Freshen up with 
a full makeover

Do you feel like your home needs a makeover? Are you looking to enhance your interior? In just a few days, witness your place undergo a remarkable transformation into a stunning masterpiece


One room

Your bedroom is too cold? Your living room has a weird shape and you cannot figure out how to get the best out of it? Your nursery is not as pretty as you pictured it in your dreams?


No idea what to do
with this room

Love your house, but struggling for inspiration in one room? That neglected space, once a storage area, now deserves a defined purpose. Let's discover its function together and decorate it impeccably


With just a few tweaks,
a boring space can be transformed into a sophisticated and inviting haven. Get the attention of additional guests and raise your rates

Maximize your
Airbnb rental


Sell your house at
a premium 

Are you familiar with home staging? Its purpose is to enhance the appeal of your home to attract a larger pool of potential buyers, resulting in faster and more profitable property sales

Latest projects

Apartment in Gindi Towers

Apartment in Gindi Towers, TLV
220 m2, 5 bedrooms

In this apartment, we rebuilt everything to fit perfectly the taste and lifestyle of this young couple and their 3 kids.

Salon in Gindi Towers
Dining area Gindi Towers
Salon Gindi Towers
Hallway Gindi Towers
Bathroom Gindi Towers
House in the Moshav
House in the Moshav
Living room Moshav
Bedroom room Moshav

Typical 70's Moshav style house
200 m2, 4 rooms

Since the house was built in the '70s, nothing has changed. Instead of changing everything, the idea here was to go with the flow, keep the vintage style, and make it shine! I added gorgeous pieces of furniture I found all over Israel, painted the pink circle on the wall, and added the right accessories and lots of plants. I also added more colors to the walls and gave different meanings to the rooms (check the before and after for the playroom area!).
The only big change was on the ceiling: The old panel wood has been painted white in order to make the house more modern and obviously brighter. It was also important here to focus on the big windows, as the house is surrounded by a beautiful garden, I wanted the inside to blend with the outside. 

Kids bedroom Moshav
The Jungle room
Jungle room kids bedroom

Jungle-themed children's room, 15m2, Tel Aviv

In this room, and as in all my Kids' room projects, I like to create a real universe. A fun place where each area has its own purpose: An adventure corner, a reading space to relax and enjoy family time, a studying area... 
I also like to add special items: A wallpaper brought from America by the famous designer Kate Zaremba, a very unique Jungle paper light also ordered from abroad, a bed designed by me and done by my really talented carpenter
All of that to create the perfect environment for your kids :)


Jungle room kids bed
Jungle room kids beds
Jungle room kids bunk bed
Jungle room bedroom
Airbnb apartment transformation Tel Aviv
Airbnb apartment dining area transformation
Airbnb apartment salon transformation
Airbnb apartment bedroom transformation
Airbnb transformation

Small budget Airbnb rental, 85m2, Tel Aviv

Re-decorate your Airbnb rental in order to get the best out of it! Make sure to be chosen first and offer a high-quality property.


"Happy Therapy" art-therapy clinic and studio

Happy Therapy: Art studio, workshop and therapy, Tel Aviv

As the name of the workshop implies, the idea here was to make this shop a happy place, vibrant, colorful, and inspiring!

"Happy Therapy" art-therapy Pantone
"Happy Therapy" art-therapy Sink
"Happy Therapy" art-therapy Lamp
"Happy Therapy" art-therapy Workshop
Airbnb Tel Aviv transformation
Airbnb Tel Aviv transformation Bedroom
Airbnb Tel Aviv Bedroom transformation
Airbnb Tel Aviv transformation Beds

Small budget Airbnb rental, 90m2, Tel Aviv

This apartment was a vacation property that had been left empty for a long (Corona) time. The owners decided to rent it on Airbnb; for that, it needed a big "Fresh UP"!

Airbnb Tel Aviv Salon transformation
Airbnb Tel Aviv Master Bedroom transformation
Airbnb Tel Aviv Living room transformation
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