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A house in Givat Hen

Typical 70's Moshav style house, 200 M2, 4 rooms

When the client moved, nothing in this house has been changed since the 70s. Instead of changing everything, the idea here was to go with the flow, keep this vintage style, and make it shine! I've added gorgeous pieces of furniture found all over Israel, paint this pink circle on the wall, add the right accessories and a lot of plants. I've also added some colors on a few walls and give different purposes to rooms (check the before and after for the playroom area!). The only big change has been made to the ceiling: The old panel wood has been painted white in order to make the house more modern and obviously brighter. It was also important here to focus on the big windows, as the house is surrounded by a beautiful garden, I wanted the inside to melt with the outside. 


Before and after

Moodboard inspiration 
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