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I believe your interior has a huge impact on the way you perceive yourself and your life. Your house should be a reflection of who you are and because of that, you should be proud of it.


Jennifer Gruber is a French Interior Designer whose passion is to bring her Parisian flair and creativity to your home and space. 


Her mission is to rethink your current space according to your lifestyle and your needs and to bring style to your interior. She utilizes, re-purposes and re-styles elements you already own (using home staging methods) and mixes them with additional unique pieces. She adds colors, textures, life to your interior! A home makeover that will transform your space into one of a kind design, that is unique, aesthetically pleasing and, of course, functional.


Her transformations are always in accordance with your budget, so if you’re simply looking for color changes and furniture updates, she can help you with that. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a full transformation, something unique then Jennifer works towards satisfying your needs, no matter how big or small of a project. 


Her approach is hands-on, professional, creative and happy! Within just a few days Jennifer has changed your space from dull to inspiring, from lifeless to vibrant.


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