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Process and pricing

Styling per flat, including shopping of furniture - 20m2 to 40m2


Pink Wall

Styling per flat, including shopping of furniture - 40m2 to 90m2



Styling per flat, including shopping of furniture - Above 90m2  

On demand


Styling per room, without shopping of furniture (Accessories, wall decor, paint...)



Styling per room, including shopping of furniture



Styling kids room, without shopping of furniture (Accessories, wall decor, paint...)



Styling kids room, including shopping of furniture



Styling kids room, including shopping of furniture + carpentry on demand*


 Please note: Prices may vary depending on the size of the space and work needed.

* Carpentry: I'll create the model of your kids bed/bunk bed or any carpentry elements you want. Once done, I will have it built by a professional carpenter.

For any further information, or if you'd like an exact quote, contact me! 

The Interior Design & Home Styling services include:


  • 1st Meeting: Brainstorming and space analysis. Let's meet and talk about your project!


  • Contract: I'll give you a detailed offer of  my services and will send you the contract.



Let's start!


  • Personalization: In order for me to get to know you better, you'll need to fill in a form with questions about your space, the way you live, who's using the space, what are your requirements, etc…  You'll also receive a "Style book" and a Color scheme form so I can better understand your taste, style and preferences.


  • Budget creation: I will help you with your budget, we'll discuss how much you want to invest in your new interior, and what is possible to do with your budget. After that I will send you a detailed furniture and accessories list with the average prices so you can have an exact idea of how we'll use your budget.

  • Space optimization: I'll define the optimal way to use the space based on your preference.

  • Concept Development & Color scheme creation: After understanding what are your needs and your wishes for your interior transformation, I'll present to you the concept I've created.


  • Moodboards creation (one moodboard per room): The moodboard will give you a detailed visual of your new interior . All the different elements are the exact ones you'll find in your new apartment (with a bit of improvisation of course).


  • 2nd Meeting: Presentation of the project to the client and validation (or changes if needed)

  • Selection of items & shopping: During all the process, I'll share with you an excel document where you'll be able to follow the process: What has been already ordered, received, from which shop, the prices...


  • Tracking and delivery control: I will coordinate and track the different deliveries.


  • Set up: Once I have all the elements, we'll choose a set up date. A room is usually done in 1 or 2 days maximum. For an entire flat, depending on the work, it usually takes between 2 and 3 days

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