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Looking to update your home? Lacking the inspiration to do it yourself? Looking for a fast transformation?

Whether you want to change your whole house or update one room, I have the options you need to get the results you desire.


Within just a few days, we will rethink and optimize your current space and will give it the style you’re looking for. Adding colors, textures, art pieces, re-purposing and re-styling elements you already own and mixing them with additional unique pieces brought from both here and Paris.


Transform your space into a masterpiece!

   Choose your adventure!

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Latest projects


Apartment in an old typical Normandie's house: 88 M2, 3 rooms, 2 bedrooms

This house has been bought by my client in order to leave Paris on weekends and holidays with his 2 little boys. The brief here was to have a cosy, warm family Interior, with a touch of elegance. It had to please both the father and kids. The entire house has been painted, furnished and decorated in 5 days for a budget of 6000 Euros.

Living room

Typical 70's Moshav style house

200 M2, 4 rooms, 3 bedrooms

Since the house was build in the 70's, nothing has been changed. 

Instead of changing everything, the idea here was to go with the flow, to keep the vintage style and to make it shine! 

I added gorgeous pieces of furniture I found all over Israel, painted the pink circle on the wall, added the right accessories and lots of plants. I also added more colors to the walls and gave different meanings to the rooms (check the before after for the playroom area!).

The only big change was on the ceiling: The old panel wood has been painted in white in order to make the house more modern and obviously brighter. It was also important here to focus on the big windows, as the house is surrounded by a beautiful garden, I wanted the inside to blend with the outside. 

Living room.jpg
Room Alex.jpg
IMG_4579_edited (1) copy.jpg

Extension house/ Raanana. Israel

20 m2

This little house is an extension of my client's home. They used it for guests until it got damaged by humidity and was then abandoned. We've decided together to transform this space into an office for their daughter, a graphic designer.

The brief here was to create an inspirational place, full of curves and colors, where my client can feel energized and creative.

The walls needed a lot of work as they were very damaged: Filling the holes, polishing them and finally painting them. I also hand painted the colorful circle that is the focal point of the room. The desk is an original 60's piece of furniture that I was excited to find on the street. I polished it, refurbished the wood, and add some gold to the legs to give it a little modern touch. I also made the wooden shelves from wood found in the garden. Most of the things here have been created by me or reused from the client's house, to keep the budget low.  

The work was completed within 6 days, for a total of 3,000 shekels (800E), mainly for paint and accessories.

Appartment near the Tour Eiffel

25 M2, 1 bedroom

IMG_3813 2.jpg
appart invalides.jpg

Living room


This apartment has been bought in order to rent it furnished. The brief here was very different from my usual work. The apartment needed to suit both women and men, from 20 to 70 years old. The goal was to make this place appealing to the highest number of potential renters. It couldn't be too personalized but it has to feel cozy.


The total surface is 25 m2 with no storage, so I had to fix this issue without minimizing the space. In this leaving room, I used as a TV furniture a modulable storage box system. Divided into 4 compartments. Like that, the renter can move the boxes and create his own furniture according to his lifestyle. It can stay like that, or it can become a library, a little table, vertical storage...

In the bedroom, I've chosen a bed with a lot of storage to give the extra space needed to keep the bedroom organized. I've also preferred a wood bamboo dressing, a beautiful piece but also fully transparent in order to keep the space airy and light.

The keywords for this brief were: Mainstream, Elegant, Functional, Cosy

This apartment has been painted and fully furnished in 5 days, with a budget of 2300 Euros.

Last pieces shopped in Paris

Mug Maison Bensimon


Mirror pillow - Ionna Vautrin collection for Monoprix

Limited edition photography- Maria Svarbova

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