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A flower

In this weird crisis, there are easy days and complicated ones.

The down ones are when you can’t see the end of this corona bitch, and when you do see it, it doesn’t look happy or joyful.

But there are the good ones: When you feel and think about things that you probably never did before, or maybe very briefly.

These little things that became scarce and precious: being outside, feeling the wind, smelling a flower, looking at a tree… just stopping and feeling.

A couple of weeks ago, I moved to a new house.

Moving is always an emotional explosion, a mix of nostalgia and melancholia. Add Corona to that and 2 wild kids, and you had me: a mess!

But inside this little bourgeoise crisis, I had a moment.

A moment with a flower.

Behind my window in my new garden there are these roses. Huge, colorful, smelly amazing flowers. The kind of flowers you forgot nature is able to create.

I looked at it and it calmed me. I looked at this flower and saw all the good things I have in life.

I was contemplating. And when you contemplate, you stop for a second, you go inside of yourself and you find the good things.

Then gratitude comes along.

Some of our priorities changed. A lot of people understand now that life is better if we focus on the simple things.

As we don't all have the chance to be surrounded by nature, bring it home! Put flowers, plants in your life and in your house to remember, when this all mess will be over to stop for a second, to contemplate them and to remember what is truly important.


And I'll share with you my precious address in Tel aviv: Monceau fleurs 💐💛

For my biggest pleasure, the famous french brand opened its first flower shop in Israel! So go take a look, smell a bit and ask the owner of this beautiful shop, Alex, to tell you more about his treasures.

King George St 80, Tel Aviv.

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